In this post I would like to talk about cinematographical point of view in a movie called Listening (2015), directed by Khalil Sullins.


Photographic aspects of the shot

This still contains high contrast. Dark background behind film character highlights the subject while white floor points out darkness of blood. Because of high contrast a reflection of shot character’s face is crystal clear.
Image is tinted in blue filter. It gives a sense of coldness, which naturally can be associated with death, betrayal and sadness. In addition, still contains a wide range of colour white. Usually, white colour is associated with purity or heaven, but here it brings out coldness.
In this particular scene speed of motion was rather frozen than fast paced as it was before character got shot. Frozen, fixated perspective created a sense of tention and suspense. The viewer does not know if the main character survived.
Shallow focus draws eye to personage’s face and it’s reflection on the blood. By this character’s hand seems further away while in fact logically thinking it is closer to the viewer.


An unusual, rotated still is actually a point of view of first person subjective. Seeing the world through main character’s eyes enables the viewer to see what the character focuses on. Which is deep focus of friend’s face and his blood. Furthermore, tilted image allows to understand that first person subject is laying on the gound. Also, camera’s placement lets the viewer know that the shot character is really close. Almost as if an extended hand movement is need to touch the blood.
In conclusion camera’s angle and distance creates a feeling of realism.

Used literature:

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