building-attempt_1While modelling it I found some good things and some bad things.
Good things:
1. I figured how to model a base edge. Instead of subtracting vertexes of faces I used Multi-cut tool to shape the angle. Then selected faces in front, deleted them and fused them again for smooth edge using bridges.base_1

2. After spending a lot of time of figuring out how to model the body of a building a conclusion was made that I will have to restart and do it again BECAUSE a lot of edges do not match with window placing, but I do now know how to approach it easier.


Plan didn’t work. Main problem is running edges for windows. Too much information, Maya gets confused and when I try to combine building’s body lower body pieces it becomes a nightmare. The cap seems to be getting there.
I tried to merge axis and edges afterwards, because it is quite impossible to place them perfectly next to each other while rotating it at the same time. However, merging made it look really BAD. On the other hand I do prefer base of the building better now. And it’s not tilted. All in all, this attempt does give me ideas how I could improve.


Third attempt made me realise that I have been merging building body parts wrong all the time. The main problem was vertexes going on each other which created horrible visions.
I found it out when I selected all vertexes and tried to delete them. After getting this image I realised my problem.