For project 3 I chose this description to start my character design.
“H.P. Lovecraft. At the Mountains of Madness. The Elder Things
Six feet end to end, three and five-tenths feet central diameter, tapering to one foot at each end. Like a barrel
with five bulging ridges in place of staves. Lateral breakages, as of thinnish stalks, are at equator in middle of
these ridges. In furrows between ridges are curious growths – combs or wings that fold up and spread out like
fans. . . which gives almost seven-foot wing spread. Arrangement reminds one of certain monsters of primal
myth, especially fabled Elder Things in the Necronomicon.”

Since it was a little bit confusing of what it is trying to describe, I tried to decrypt it.

Six feet long, and three and five thenths wide, trailing to the end is a foot. Round like a barrel with humps on the back.  Wings poke up through he middle like a biplane. The wings are like great handheld fans and are almost seven feet in length. It reminds one of monsters told in old myths, and is scary to look at to those who have never seen one.

After gaining more knowledge of what the description says, I started my research. At first I collected pictures of things which I wanted to try to implement into a design.

Afterwards I started drawing. creature-designs_1creature-designs_2creature-designs_2creature-designs_2creature-designs_3creature-designs_4creature-designs_5creature-designs_6