So I have fused music and my story plan accordingly to the rhythm of the soundtrack.



While animating I realised that I have to take out a part of stadium wide shot. With it’s transition to one step foot it just looked too rushed and didn’t really make any sense.

I am currently working of throwing discus part. Since I couldn’t import a reference video into TV Paint I decided to draw key poses on paper, because I need to understand how body works when it spins.

Final result.
Due to lack of time I didn’t manage to finish it quite the way I wanted to. There are no background movement which I wished to do. However, sound helps to set the mood that it is stadium and there is a crowd. I have changed the angle of discus sinking into earth so a viewer can see in the background a discus of Vytautas rival being in the back. I am not happy with how walking sequence got ruined because of “liquid” face and that throwing sequence character does not have face nor any other attributes which shows that it’s the main character. On the other hand, I think that body fluidity helps still enjoy the video. Overall I am pretty satisfied with the animation. It was my first try doing an animation with sound and before further pushing my limit I really needed to set the limit.