Here is a soundtrack I managed to piece together. I used a program called Audacity. I think it works pretty well for a free program.
In total I have 9 layers of different sounds.
I have recorded 3 of those sounds myself: commentator’s speech, metal walking and metal clanging while spinning.
For metal sounds we used a set of keys, spoon and lots of coins put in a box. I have experienced that changing material of the box has helped to produce a better quality of sound or rather a sound which I desire more. As ridiculous as it sounds, it actually works.


While editing sounds at first I didn’t know how to make sound volume lower and higher at certain spots. Later on I figured out that before using Envelope Tool you need to split footage in desired places to make it work.

In overall video I chose a sound of football stadium as a background “colour”. It’s always there. Not too loud, but no complete silence after an action is done.

Here is a soundtrack.