Throughout exploration of possible story lines for my 3D term 2 project I chose the one which got my interest most and that is idea Nr. 1: Icarus the astronaut. However during numerous moficications of the story I came up with one strong story line which I decided to take on.


Action takes place in a far away future. Far enough for humans to build a solar ring around the sun to preserve it’s energy and use it for own technological advancement. However as the humans built a ring around their star, they also kept dumping all their thrash into space to save the Earth from pollution. So whenever the construction was done and solar panels set it’s orbit around the sun, all thrash which humans dumped followed path of rings due to gravitation laws. That’s where the Earth Union started sending maintenance spaceships to clean solar panels and solar ring from rubbish.

Main story:

Protagonist is a young, skinny, nerdy man who is first time in space. He gets a task to clean a camera outside the spaceship. The journey to camera is a pain, since magnetic shoes are too strong. However he manages to arrive to his destination, but then an idea strucks his head. He is alone in space for the first time. And nobody looks (a man checks again by looking around). Main character decides to have some fun. He turns off his magnetic shoes and starts floating away. He closes his eyes and spreads his hands like wings. He feels freedom. His happiness gets disturbed by alarm sound in his head. He looks around realising that he has drifted too far away and he must to get back to the ship as soon  as possible. He grabs a cord which connects him and the ship and starts pulling himself back. But suddenly a wild wave of thrash appears and smashes through main character get cut off from the spaceship. He finds himself in miserable situation as he slowly drifts away into the sun and his oxygen level is getting lower. In the end he suffocates.



Sketches from sketch book:


Bits and pieces of a story board: