I base my idea on chirping birds in the morning. As this specific sound teleports me to my grandmother’s house back in Lithuania. However, birds chirping will not be just an atmosphere, it will become the main attraction of the character – teenage girl. The character as well will visualize some specific sounds and feelings as colours and abstract pieces.
The main idea is the connection with the nature and appreciation of the small things in the world.

The journey starts as a girl wakes up in the morning when her grandmother started a kettle. She knows that it’s her of the way she walks in her slippers. A slowly girl gets up and slowly walks into a kitchen and begins her morning routine. A cup of coffee, 2 fried eggs and a sprinkle of onion springs on top. She sits down on the sofa to eat. Her cat comes in meowing. A girl pets the cat, the cat purrs and allows to pet her belly. It feels like a cloud. But not too long, because then it gets annoying. A girl begins breakfast. The smell and bitter taste of coffee. Simple, but fresh meal. Only now she realises the birds chirping outside. She turns to the window, opens it and colours bashes into the room. A girl just sits there and smiles as images runs through her head. Laying in a field. Feeling morning cool dew on bare feet. Kisses of sunlight. Nothing better than that. Last shot of her continuing eating her breakfast.