Turn around:


So during the modelling process I realised that my turn around sheets were REALLY innacurate. So some pieces had to be a compromise between front and back.

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In the end I am pretty glad the way it turned out (rendered image). Although I am not sure how to preview through renderer with preview mode on.



Ship model

For ship model I used a reference picture which I found during my research.


At first I thought texturing everything by hand as in cutting UV maps, transporting them to photoshop and back to maya, but texturing ship didn’t turn out so well.

UV maps


I did manage to texture character.


But somewhere in the middle of texturing process I decided that maybe it would be faster if I would just make a texture and apply it. Here are the textures which I had in mind.


But it turned out awful. So then I thought that maybe I should download a texture file from internet.

It turned out even worse.
In the end I chose to use blin texture with green shade. As in lighting setting you can’t really determine what colour the ship is.