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2D Animation

Summer Morning. Development


While composing sounds I realised that my story idea was once again too long. So I had to shorten it. Instead of grandmother’s slippers in fact it’s going to be the main character.

At the end there still has to be a creaking sound of opening a window and vocals enhancing the nature experience.

More sound production.

Main features:

  • Full soundtrack
  • Cleaner sounds
  • Vocals
  • Effects on vocals and birds
  • Keyboard designed to play bird sounds

Colour pallet for nature


Main character design and gray colour scheme concept:


and a cat design ideas:


After rethinking my idea, I decided to remodel my cat design.


it had to be more simplistic and round as it’s fluffy. After choosing favourite one I did a turn around.


I think that this style fits better with girl’s character.

Also a rough layout of the room.


Boiling water reference:


Steam test:


This test made me have a better understanding of how steam works

Background for boiling and steam sequence.

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A tiny piece of water boiling and pouring sequence completely done. Unfortunately, I didn’t save tv paint project, so it’s gone and I won’t be able to edit it in better quality than what it is. So I guess I will just piece this together to following animation.

Background for walking sequence. Done in photoshop.


Draft of walking sequence. Panelling down the foot movement was quite hard as character also has kind of twist in order to be able to sit.


Animation progress: majority of backgrounds:

Somehow it seems that background’s quality in some places seems to become really bad. I will try to fix that maybe by putting it up in an editing program.

Cup placement studies. Extremes and analysis.

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Helps to understand better how body moves.

Time chart for window opening scene.




Full draft version:



Sound based project idea

I base my idea on chirping birds in the morning. As this specific sound teleports me to my grandmother’s house back in Lithuania. However, birds chirping will not be just an atmosphere, it will become the main attraction of the character – teenage girl. The character as well will visualize some specific sounds and feelings as colours and abstract pieces.
The main idea is the connection with the nature and appreciation of the small things in the world.

The journey starts as a girl wakes up in the morning when her grandmother started a kettle. She knows that it’s her of the way she walks in her slippers. A slowly girl gets up and slowly walks into a kitchen and begins her morning routine. A cup of coffee, 2 fried eggs and a sprinkle of onion springs on top. She sits down on the sofa to eat. Her cat comes in meowing. A girl pets the cat, the cat purrs and allows to pet her belly. It feels like a cloud. But not too long, because then it gets annoying. A girl begins breakfast. The smell and bitter taste of coffee. Simple, but fresh meal. Only now she realises the birds chirping outside. She turns to the window, opens it and colours bashes into the room. A girl just sits there and smiles as images runs through her head. Laying in a field. Feeling morning cool dew on bare feet. Kisses of sunlight. Nothing better than that. Last shot of her continuing eating her breakfast.

Sound visualisation

In this blog post I am going to upload my visions which I got from listening various sounds and compositions.
All gathered sounds are 100% authentic.

Childhood summer atmosphere

For first trial I chose a sound I recorded around 5 am in the morning, when birds are the loudest and most people are asleep.

I took a few tries of this sound, trying different microphone recording levels. This is the best take. I know that it’s a bit too long, but I will cut out best parts later.

Here are visions which comes up into my mind when I hear this particular sound. I felt teleported back to my childhood home, to my grandmother’s place. Lazy, slightly chilly mornings full of happiness and no worries.


Vytautas Magnus. Animation

So I have fused music and my story plan accordingly to the rhythm of the soundtrack.



While animating I realised that I have to take out a part of stadium wide shot. With it’s transition to one step foot it just looked too rushed and didn’t really make any sense.

I am currently working of throwing discus part. Since I couldn’t import a reference video into TV Paint I decided to draw key poses on paper, because I need to understand how body works when it spins.

Final result.
Due to lack of time I didn’t manage to finish it quite the way I wanted to. There are no background movement which I wished to do. However, sound helps to set the mood that it is stadium and there is a crowd. I have changed the angle of discus sinking into earth so a viewer can see in the background a discus of Vytautas rival being in the back. I am not happy with how walking sequence got ruined because of “liquid” face and that throwing sequence character does not have face nor any other attributes which shows that it’s the main character. On the other hand, I think that body fluidity helps still enjoy the video. Overall I am pretty satisfied with the animation. It was my first try doing an animation with sound and before further pushing my limit I really needed to set the limit.

Vytautas Magnus. Soundtrack

Here is a soundtrack I managed to piece together. I used a program called Audacity. I think it works pretty well for a free program.
In total I have 9 layers of different sounds.
I have recorded 3 of those sounds myself: commentator’s speech, metal walking and metal clanging while spinning.
For metal sounds we used a set of keys, spoon and lots of coins put in a box. I have experienced that changing material of the box has helped to produce a better quality of sound or rather a sound which I desire more. As ridiculous as it sounds, it actually works.


While editing sounds at first I didn’t know how to make sound volume lower and higher at certain spots. Later on I figured out that before using Envelope Tool you need to split footage in desired places to make it work.

In overall video I chose a sound of football stadium as a background “colour”. It’s always there. Not too loud, but no complete silence after an action is done.

Here is a soundtrack.

Historical Figure Doing Olympics

For assignment two I have chosen to animate Vytautas Magnus (a.k.a. Vytautas the Great). He was a high duke in XV century Lithuania. In his ruling Lithuania was one of the biggest countries in medieval Europe. A country expanded from Baltic to Black sea.

I really love this historical figure because he has a very interesting personality. He was an excellent tactitian, very strict, but kind, sneaky, but truthful to Lithuanian people.

To understand the plot of this project I would like to retell a little bit of historical facts which I chose to mention in my animation.
1. The Battle of Grunwald. This battle took place in 1410, 15th of July, medieval Prussia, today’s Poland. Opposing forces: Teutonic Order versus Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania alliance. Teutonic Order’s leader was Ulrich von Jungingen while Polish forces were commanded by their king Władysław II Jagiełło (also known as Jogaila) and Lithuanian forces by Vytautas Magnus. Union of Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania won. After this battle Teutonic Order NEVER regained it’s power.
2. Although Vytautas Magnus defeated Teutonic Order, he did not cut relations with it. Letters proves that Vytautas Magnus and Teutonic Order grandmaster shared same passion for midgets, jokers and musicians. It was a sign of prestige in medieval Europe.
3. Other important personas that I want to at least briefly show would be wife of Jogaila Jadwiga of Poland and Vytautas wife Grand Duchess Anna.

Reference pictures for side characters:

To design my take on this historical figure I used these pictures:

At first I cut it into basic shapes and drew until I found a desired structure.

And here is the result I came up with:

The Olympic challenge I have given for Vytautas is discus throw. I wanted to choose penthathlon, but I figured that discus throw will work better.

Some reference videos for discus throw.

I also took a video of myself as a reference for walk cycle, background cheering poses, possible other poses.

A model of discus throw stadium:
Wide shot of stadium:

Sound design ideas

List of sounds which I will need:
1. Metallic sound of armour clinging for walk cycle. I am thinking of recording rhythmically shaking a toolbox full of metal objects.
2. Heartbeat and heavy breathing. I am planning to put these sounds in close ups to give an illusion of being next to the character.
3. Whoosh sounds for the cape.
4. Cheering crowd sounds and slow clapping steadily increasing.
5. A commentator speaking. Explaining a situation. Vytautas Magnus throwing a discus after his rival Ulrich von Jungingen.
6. Object sinking into earth. For discus.
7. High pitch sound of water boiling for flying discus.
8. Melodic dramatic background by Brian Tyler from a movie Thor.

Storyboard in TV paint

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Animation drafts

Walk cycle. Front view

Script for a commentator:
“And right now a contestant from Lithuania, Vytautas Magnus is going to throw a discus after his rival Ulrich von Jungingen”

Bouncy ball in 3D dimension



2 vanishing points. Creating breaking points by drawing Xs. Size and location of shadow determines the size of the ball.
A tiny attempt to make ball squish when it hits the ground.


A badly made yawn in first weeks of animation courseyawn


A link to vimeo:


I wasn’t pleased with the way a pencil was falling. I found the problem. Instead of making frame in every second frame, I made it in thirds. Looks a bit better.weights_fixed

A link to vimeo:


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