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Animation Production/3D

Icarus. Progress


Soundtrack is a mix of Ludovico’s Einadi Una Matina album, metallic foodsteps and a beep. All downloaded from youtube.


Edited in Audacity.

I also have a rough animatic with edited story board.
To make it happen I created a rough time chart to get a bettter understanding of how my story will progress.



As for 2D parts, I figured a way to animate faster by creating images in photoshop with background layer empty and then do the animation in After Effects.


I also used a reference video for walk sequence:



planets scenewalking scenepushed_by_thrash_scene

Final edits were done in After effects:




3D Final Work



Icarus. Modelling

Turn around:


So during the modelling process I realised that my turn around sheets were REALLY innacurate. So some pieces had to be a compromise between front and back.

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In the end I am pretty glad the way it turned out (rendered image). Although I am not sure how to preview through renderer with preview mode on.



Ship model

For ship model I used a reference picture which I found during my research.


At first I thought texturing everything by hand as in cutting UV maps, transporting them to photoshop and back to maya, but texturing ship didn’t turn out so well.

UV maps


I did manage to texture character.


But somewhere in the middle of texturing process I decided that maybe it would be faster if I would just make a texture and apply it. Here are the textures which I had in mind.


But it turned out awful. So then I thought that maybe I should download a texture file from internet.

It turned out even worse.
In the end I chose to use blin texture with green shade. As in lighting setting you can’t really determine what colour the ship is.

Icarus. Designs and story development.

Throughout exploration of possible story lines for my 3D term 2 project I chose the one which got my interest most and that is idea Nr. 1: Icarus the astronaut. However during numerous moficications of the story I came up with one strong story line which I decided to take on.


Action takes place in a far away future. Far enough for humans to build a solar ring around the sun to preserve it’s energy and use it for own technological advancement. However as the humans built a ring around their star, they also kept dumping all their thrash into space to save the Earth from pollution. So whenever the construction was done and solar panels set it’s orbit around the sun, all thrash which humans dumped followed path of rings due to gravitation laws. That’s where the Earth Union started sending maintenance spaceships to clean solar panels and solar ring from rubbish.

Main story:

Protagonist is a young, skinny, nerdy man who is first time in space. He gets a task to clean a camera outside the spaceship. The journey to camera is a pain, since magnetic shoes are too strong. However he manages to arrive to his destination, but then an idea strucks his head. He is alone in space for the first time. And nobody looks (a man checks again by looking around). Main character decides to have some fun. He turns off his magnetic shoes and starts floating away. He closes his eyes and spreads his hands like wings. He feels freedom. His happiness gets disturbed by alarm sound in his head. He looks around realising that he has drifted too far away and he must to get back to the ship as soon  as possible. He grabs a cord which connects him and the ship and starts pulling himself back. But suddenly a wild wave of thrash appears and smashes through main character get cut off from the spaceship. He finds himself in miserable situation as he slowly drifts away into the sun and his oxygen level is getting lower. In the end he suffocates.



Sketches from sketch book:


Bits and pieces of a story board:



ANIM1003. Icarus ideas

Ideas for following 3D assignment as what happens to Icarus after he fall into water.

My head is filled with so many of those ideas, that I think the best way to pick them out would be just to start writing everything down. A lot of ideas include portals into different dimensions.

Idea Nr. 1

What if when falling into portal Icarus travels into mind of an astronaut who got problems in space? Like an astronaut was fixing spaceship in dead vacuum and he got hit by a rock and when he regained his conciousness he found himself drifting into sun. By this an astronaut becomes symbol of Icarus. It would be more ironic if astronaut’s last name would be Icarus. Drifting and flashbacks could totally be done in 30 seconds as I could exagerate slowly flying into death.

Idea Nr. 2

Icarus as rebel in futuristic world where robots are taking over the world. Icarus was some sort of rebel as well. As everybody warned him to not do this, but he did it anyways and died miserably. Well perhaps in this dimension he could follow a similar pattern and die at the end sacrificing himself for his beliefs?

Idea Nr. 3

Perhaps this is a bit of outrageous idea, but after the second one, an idea of Icarus as a terrorist of ISIS came into my mind. People still are getting killed there. I would portray him in mean, violent and barbaric light of course. Basically he would explode himself as a human bomb. Just the thought of comparing Icarus and a nowadays terrorist seems a bit reasonable.

So far all my ideas follows original story’s pattern. I am not sure if that’s good or not.

Idea Nr. 4

In alternative universe Icarus never killed himself. He followed his father’s footsteps and became a father. However he has to deal with a son who wants to kill himself in a similar way that Icarus did.
Basically it’s a family drama.

Idea Nr. 5

After Icarus dies and his body dissolves into currents of mighty ocean, he reborns. Similar pattern as it is believed in reincarnation. However I am not sure yet if it should be an animal or a human. I think an animal would be better for symbolic reasons.
Before reborning it could be a journey of his lost soul in the ocean. Until his body completely fades away and no connection is left.
I could really play with sounds in this one. Like there would be a restricted narrative struction with Icarus telling his point of view. Some wise words. What he understood about life only after death.

Idea Nr. 6

Maybe nothing happens to Icarus? Maybe it would be just a journey of his dead body being smashed into rocks. Like scientific story of what happens to a dead body. It gets eaten by other organisms. Pretty gore. Not really my style.

Idea Nr. 7

Icarus gets judged by ancient gods. But they don’t look like original gods. It’s rather nowadays trial.
Honestly, it’s a bit boring.

Idea Nr. 8

Technially, the sun is a star. So what if he would become a similar character to new released The Little Prince (2015, Mark Osborne) villain? What if Icarus travels to alternative reality where he actually manages to reach the star and actually STEAL IT. Steal the sun. In Lithuanian mythology there is a myth about how sun was stolen by evil spirits and a blacksmith then created metal suns crosses to bring back the light. I mean, even until this day many people instead of crosses on their graves chooses sun crosses.
But then again, it might not be very relative to main subject.

Idea Nr. 9

What if each time after Icarus dies he continues to live in a different timeline. As in the future. However each time he leaps (reincarnates) into future, his life follows same pattern and symbollically he dies same way . Maybe the moral would be that everything repeats?
In this I could perhaps fuse a few ideas I had before like nowadays ISIS terrorist and an astronaut in far away future.
A third narrative is needed as well to make a magical trio. I am thinking of third story would be Icarus as a monk. A contrast between all three characters.

Idea Nr. 10

What if Icarus became a Solaire of Astora is a character from the 2011 video game Dark Souls? Praising the sun a lot?

Still Life


Elder Things. Model




3D Character design. Elder Things

For project 3 I chose this description to start my character design.
“H.P. Lovecraft. At the Mountains of Madness. The Elder Things
Six feet end to end, three and five-tenths feet central diameter, tapering to one foot at each end. Like a barrel
with five bulging ridges in place of staves. Lateral breakages, as of thinnish stalks, are at equator in middle of
these ridges. In furrows between ridges are curious growths – combs or wings that fold up and spread out like
fans. . . which gives almost seven-foot wing spread. Arrangement reminds one of certain monsters of primal
myth, especially fabled Elder Things in the Necronomicon.”

Since it was a little bit confusing of what it is trying to describe, I tried to decrypt it.

Six feet long, and three and five thenths wide, trailing to the end is a foot. Round like a barrel with humps on the back.  Wings poke up through he middle like a biplane. The wings are like great handheld fans and are almost seven feet in length. It reminds one of monsters told in old myths, and is scary to look at to those who have never seen one.

After gaining more knowledge of what the description says, I started my research. At first I collected pictures of things which I wanted to try to implement into a design.

Afterwards I started drawing. creature-designs_1creature-designs_2creature-designs_2creature-designs_2creature-designs_3creature-designs_4creature-designs_5creature-designs_6


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