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Visual Communication

Mooch and Maurice. Storyboard



Robot design


Fox and Chicken. Background

Before drawing anything first I did a reseach of what kind of environement I would like it to have.


Ideally I would want it to be something like this


And here is my try of fox’s house



But then again, maybe it’s too big for a fox. Maybe I should try to get something like this:



As for the kitchen, here are more ideas:


So for me the place is more like has a feeling that it’s been abandoned after calamity and then the fox moved in.

But here is my sketch of kitchen layout:

It has to be very tiny and limited. Also the table has to face the window which is facing chicken’s yard, because when fox throws his tooth I imagine him throwing it behind him as it’s like an annoying object.

Now that I think further I also am thinking of taking references from a movie called Lilya 4 ever. It’s about sex traffic in mostly Russia or Eastern European countries. But besides that I remember it had some really depressing accomodation.

City mapping


With Maya I have created a basic setup for kitchen from architectural layout I made before to ease my days for story boarding.


And chicken/fox house design house


Story board. UNCOMPLETED


Fox and chicken


I like the creepiness of the fox, but I am not very pleased with the way a chicken turned out. Also, as a combination it doesn’t really work. The fox is too tall and chicken is too tiny. In addition, they just don’t give the feeling of Mooch and Maurice. So I decided to redraw both of them.
For chicken I had to use totally different shape of body. As well I got rid of the neck, since chickens don’t really have a visible mammal neck.
I liked the idea of diamond shape dominating in overall piece.

My second try was a success.


You can see how diamonds are the base of almost everything.


Recent sketch of fox using turn around



Line of action


Some of them seems pretty correct. Some not. I personally believe that I did 1st, 4th, 10th and maybe 11th wrong.

Video link to this exercise:


And here is a storyboard of “Charlie Chaplin and The Lion Cage”


Shadows. Objects 1,2,3,4

After finishing first try without looking at reference I wanted to improve. So here are comparisons after taking a peek.

It seems that I did all shadings the opposite way it should be.

Shadows.Three objects


With first try I found out that I didn’t really like the shadows. So I tried again.


After redoing other objects I realised that I might have misunderstood the light projectile. I like the ways ball’s shadow turned out. Not so sure about other two object’s shadows.trio_2.png

Photoshop exercises. Shadows


I just finished painting shadows for Sophie’s lesson. Here are my results.


I found myself struggling with colouring the darkest side of object. Well it’s wall.
I’ve never done such exercises before and even if I find it challenging I am certain that it will be useful in the future.

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